Why should you take practice SAT tests?

When it comes to studying for the SAT, many test takers hit the books. This is good. Reviewing your applicable school notes and textbooks can help you prepare for the SAT. But, there is another important step you should take. That is taking a SAT practice test. In fact, you should take many.

As nice as it is to hear that you should take the SAT practice tests, you may wonder why. What are the benefits of these tests? What can they do for you? Continue reading on to find out.

SAT practice tests are easy to find, especially online. To find practice tests online, perform a standard internet search. You will find many tests available. When choosing, it is important to remember that the College Board changed the SAT test in 2005, so the older layout no longer applies. When taking an SAT practice test online, you usually use the mouse to select an answer. This is okay to practice, but it is not how the SAT is. You must use the provided answer grid and a number two pencil.

Your best approach is to buy printed SAT study guides or print an answer sheet from the internet. This will be harder to grade your scores, but it is possible. What this does is gives you practice. Since you must use the answer grid, practice your answers. Make your marks dark, completely erase changed answers and all stray marks.

Three of the best ways to get SAT practice tests is by paying for the Official SAT Online Study Course, buying the Official SAT Study Guide in print, or buying the Barron’s SAT book.

SAT practice tests allow you to determine your strengths and weaknesses. When taking and grading your SAT practice tests, you will see which areas of the test you need to improve on. It is critical reading, writing, or mathematics? Of course, you want to review each component of the SAT and prepare for it, but focus most of your attention on your weaknesses.

You can take your SAT practice tests and transform them into study guides. This is best for printed tests or online tests that you can print. Once you know the correct answer to the critical reading and writing sections, you can use the test as a study guide. Read your sentence completions with the correct vocabulary answers and sentence improvements. They help you learn vocabulary and get the hang of proper sentence structure. For the mathematics section of the test, what formulas did you have a difficult time with? The formulas are outlined in your SAT test book, but you must know when to use them and how. If you have problems, continue practicing.

Most importantly, SAT practice tests get you familiar with the test layout. As long as you are doing practice SAT tests for the newer version, you are good to go. After two or three practice tests, you will be familiar with the test layout. This includes each timed section, the directions of each section, the type of questions asked in each, and so forth. This can help on the test date. Each question varies, but the directions for each critical reading, writing, and mathematics sections stays the same. You want to skim the directions, but you don’t need to spend critical time reading and understanding the directions for the first time.

As you can see, there are many benefits to taking the SAT practice test. If you scheduled your SAT test and have yet to take a practice test, get started today.

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